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Raw Materials

The raw materials can be purchased in the quantities of tons or 20ft containers.
Samples can be provided upon request. All legal paperwork regards to the shipment: import/export documentations and government approvals will be issued by P&G MedChem.
Please see our list below:


Fragrances for cosmetics, oil or parfum.
We are collaborating with the leading fragrances producers in the world

Health Care Industrial Machines

P&G MedChem offers machineries health care related items such as compressors, spare parts, display, sensors, motor and pumps.

Cosmetic & Accessories

We can provide and offer related items to bottle making and spare parts to your Eau de Cologne, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum bottles. Micropumps, dispensers and spray pumps.


P&G MedChem AG

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Integrated Medical & Chemical Solutions

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