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Health Care Industrial Machinery

Health Care Industrial Machinery

We offer machinery health care related items such as compressors, spare parts, display, sensors, motor and pumps. All legal paperwork regards to the shipment: import/export documentations and government approvals will be issued by P&G MedChem

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  • Heatrod Cartridge Heaters

  • Cartridge Heater for Hemodialysis Machine

  • Pressure Sensors

  • Motor 30W 24V 1800rpm motor with gear box ratio

  • LCD HT Display

  • Driver unit (Motor assembly) for gear pumps

  • Solenoid valve


A panel display monitor is a device that uses flat panel technology to display visual information. These monitors can come in various forms such as LCD (liquid crystal display), LED (light-emitting diode), OLED (organic light-emitting diode), and plasma displays. Panel display monitors are commonly used in computer monitors, television screens, and other display devices. They offer high resolution, sharp image quality, and are generally more energy-efficient compared to traditional CRT (cathode-ray tube) monitors. Our team at P&G MedChem is dedicated to matching our customers with the perfect model and option for their needs. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with your specific request, and we will work diligently to find the best solution for you and provide you with an offer that meets your requirements.

Gear pump

A gear pump is a type of positive displacement pump that uses interlocking gears to pump fluid. It operates by trapping a fixed amount of fluid between the gear teeth and the pump casing, and then forcing it through the pump's outlet. The gears rotate to create suction on one side of the pump and discharge on the other side, allowing for a smooth and consistent flow of fluid. Gear pumps are commonly used in hydraulic systems, lubrication systems, and other industrial applications.

Heatrod Cartridge Heaters

Heatrod cartridge heaters are a type of electric heating element that are designed for use in industrial and commercial applications. These heaters consist of a metal sheath in which a high-resistance wire is embedded, providing efficient and uniform heat distribution. Cartridge heaters are installed in a drilled hole or groove, allowing them to be easily replaced or removed for maintenance. They are commonly used in packaging machinery, injection moulding equipment, and other heating applications where high temperatures are required.

Hemodialysis Machine

A hemodialysis machine is a medical device used for individuals with kidney failure to filter waste and excess fluids from the blood. It functions by circulating the patient's blood through a dialyzer (filter) that removes waste products and excess fluids before returning the clean blood back to the body. This process helps to maintain the proper balance of electrolytes and fluids in the body. Hemodialysis machines are typically used in hospitals, dialysis centers, and sometimes at home for patients requiring regular dialysis treatments.

Pressure sensors

Pressure sensors can be used in a wide range of applications, such as monitoring and control systems in industrial processes, automotive systems, medical devices, and HVAC systems. They can measure absolute pressure, gauge pressure, or differential pressure. There are various types of pressure sensors, including piezoelectric, capacitive, resistive, and optical sensors. Piezoelectric sensors generate an electric charge in response to pressure changes, while capacitive sensors measure changes in capacitance. Resistive sensors use changes in resistance to measure pressure, and optical sensors use light to measure pressure changes. Pressure sensors are crucial for ensuring the safety and efficiency of various systems. They can provide real-time data on pressure levels, helping to prevent over-pressurization or under-pressurization of systems. In addition, pressure sensors can help detect leaks or blockages in pipelines, tanks, and other devices. Overall, pressure sensors play a vital role in modern technology and are essential for maintaining optimal performance and safety in a wide range of applications.

Solenoid valve

There are two main types of solenoid valves: direct-acting and pilot-operated. Direct-acting solenoid valves use the magnetic field generated by the solenoid to directly lift a plunger, allowing fluid to flow through the valve. Pilot-operated solenoid valves use the solenoid to control the flow of a smaller pilot valve, which in turn controls the flow of the main valve. Solenoid valves are commonly used in a wide range of applications, including controlling the flow of water, air, gas, and other fluids in industrial, commercial, and residential systems. They are often used in HVAC systems, irrigation systems, manufacturing equipment, and automotive systems, among others. Overall, solenoid valves are an important component in many control systems, providing reliable and efficient operation for a variety of applications.

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